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Everyone wants better performance. We suggest you do more than just get a tune-up. We'd like to give you a whole new engine. We know how it is. You've spent a lot of time making your site everything it is. It's engaging. Smart. Maybe even funny. Yet it's never found that special something. Sure it's seen other networks – these days, who hasn't? – but it hasn't worked out. Maybe it was ad quality, or poor service. If you don't want to talk about it, we understand. But your site has learned. It's grown. It's ready for a real relationship.
No one offers publishers more – or better – ways to realize their greatest returns. optimization technology evaluates zillions (give or take) of metrics in real-time to maximize your performance. We also offer pre-sale insights to improve your potential campaign’s performance before it even starts. And our post-campaign reports will help you understand how your audience responded so you can use that information for your next campaign. When you need results, numbers are your friends. Let us help you make their acquaintance.
Somewhere among the millions of internet users is your ideal audience. The question is: How do you find them? Funny you should ask.Dexpro Enterprise has a comprehensive set of targeting tools capable of connecting you with precisely the consumers you're after. You want moms? We've got them. Business travelers in the northeast? Sure. Left-handed seniors in Cleveland with a passion for Kenya Premiere League? We could probably arrange that.


combines the industry's most advanced technology, precise targeting and a quality network to deliver results for advertisers & publishers.
We are the global partner of choice for leading publishers, advertisers and agencies seeking to maximize the value of their online brands. A web site seeks to help designers and those inspired by design to create a better world and promote their efforts on a global stage.
the biggest and best brand names in the industry. If you’re looking for a specific set of advertisers, we offer ad blocks by advertiser, industry, media, and category to ensure the best fit for your site. Your inventory is optimized by the best decisioning engine in the business. Plus, we never stop improving things – from nuts-and-bolts technology to user interfaces – in our efforts to better your experience and increase your earnings.


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Whether you’re seeking general guidance or complex, custom analysis, our team is at your disposal. With over a decade of experience and thousands of sites in our network, we know how to help you get the most from your site.
Dexpro has exclusive access to some of the best impressions on mobile, text, video and the web When people talk about results, here’s a word you don’t see every day – guarantee. But at Advertising.com, that’s just what you get. With solutions like cross-platform Netblocks that increase CTRs by upto 6x,
You can't have a pig roast if all your friends are vegetarians (unless you really like leftovers). You'll probably have equally limited success if you serve ads to inappropriate audience segments.


Just like it sounds, visitor interest reports help you learn what your site's visitors are interested in. We do this by giving a cookie to everyone who visits your site.

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Imagine if you served cookies to all your barbecue customers. On second thought, skip it, bond with us. dexpro enterprises

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